KEMPER AMP – Plug ‘n Play Pack 1

Plug ‘n Play Pack 1 Gallien Krueger 250 ML

TJ SONIC is a brand new project made by two musicians with a clear mission: expanding and exploring modern and vintage tones and delivering them to your Kemper Profiling Amp

This pack is the first of in the TJ Sonic Plug’n’Play series, and it’s dedicated to the Gallien Krueger 250ML and its vintage 80s tones.

Take a look at the video and see right away what we’re talking about!
It contains subtitles in English.

Download the user’s manual and one demo rig for free!

Our presets are “ready to play“! What does it mean? They already have the right amount of EQ, chorus/doubling, delay and reverb to get you started. This doesn’t mean you can’t make your own though – in fact, we also provide the dry sounds, straight as we profiled them, and which you can use as a starting point for your custom rigs based on the Gallien Krueger 250ML.

What are you waiting for? Get your Plug’n’Play Pack 1 now!

Just one click on the button and you’ll be redirected to PayPal. After the transaction, you’ll receive the link to download your Plug’n’Play Pack 1 right in your mailbox.Remember that we’re right at your disposal for any question or problem you might have.
If you liked this first pack, please support us online commenting and liking the video on youtube – this will help us to keep this project alive

We really hope you like our presets and you will use them creatively live, in the studio, or just for fun!


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