KEMPER RIG LIBRARYGive the best sound to your guitar.

PACK 1 – Kemper amp rigs
Series: “GK250ML” – 80’s tones

20 Kemper amp rigs
Amp: GK250ML
Tones: From 80’s rock to pop.
€9.90 – Buy PACK 1

PACK 2 – Kemper amp rigs
Series: “ROCKMAN X100” – 80’s tones

20 Kemper amp rigs.
Amp: ROCKMAN X100.
Tones: Rock, pop and funk…
€8.99 – Buy PACK 2

PACK 3 – Kemper amp rigs
Series: “Pop and rock Basic tones”

12 Kemper amp rigs.
Tones: Rock and pop.
€9.99 – Buy PACK 3

Policy: For the kemper rig packs it is not possible to obtain any type of refound.