Acdc – Angus Young KEMPER PACK

LIVE PLAY ROCK proudly presents:

KEMPER PACK “ACDC – Angus Young sounds like”

Artist pack dedicated to Angus Young from ACDC!
30 kemper rigs ready to Rock!

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Inside the kemper amp package you will find 30 rigs:

  • 18 RIGS about Angus Young’s guitar tone (ACDC)
  • 12 RIGS about Marshall amp tones
  • Profiles were created, tested and played with Musicman Axis (Humb pickups) and Fender stratocaster with humb

Watch the demo video to get an idea of ​​what you can get!

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42 kemper rigs
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42 kemper rigs
profiling amp MARSHALL JCM800

The amplifier was equipped with EL34 valves (tubes) for amps sold in the UK and 6550 tubes for amps exported to the United States. The JCM800 is considered a “hot” amplifier because it has more gain stages than comparable amplifiers, and in “lead” mode (in the “high” input), an extra triode provides extra gain to the pre-amplifier, which “made for one hot rock amp”.  
artist: Eric Clapton, Slahs, Zakk Wylde, Jeff Beck, Tom Morello, Buddy Guy and a lot of 80’s rockstars!!

INFO AND SUPPORT: thomas.bottaini@gmail.com

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