ALL IN ONE” is an awesome free kemper rig that you can download now!

After the great successes of the kemper packages dedicated to Queen, Acdc, Pink Floyd and Van Halen, now a tribute to all Kemperists!

Welcome back to liveplayrock.com .
This is the rig that you can download, it’s called “ALL IN ONE”, that is, all in one sound!

A spectacular sounding rig! With its gain of just under 5 you can play anything you want!

Play it with a guitar with humbucker to have more rock and aggressive sounds, or with single coils, to have more hendrix sounds.

By lowering the volume knob of your guitar, you can get more bluesy, funky sounds or further lowering you get a spectacular clean sound.

In addition, I also loaded the rig with the on off buttons in the effects section to activate the “chorus” (a detune to be exact) for a more 80’s or simply more open sound. In the stomp section instead you can add both a treble boost for more compression, saturation and harmonics, and a compressor!

free kemper rig

Have fun playing this!

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