Echoes Park Fractal Audio System AXE FX III pack

“The Echoes Park” pack by Edo Scordo

Video demo:

“The Echoes Park” AXE FX III pack

Liveplayrock proudly presents “The Echoes Park” AXE FX III Pack by Edoardo Scordo

This pack is made specifically for Axe FX III.

20 Killer Licks guitar
20 Killer Licks guitar

If you love rock these are the musical phrasings for you!

Licksology – Fabrizio Bicio Leo
"Licksology 2" - Fabrizio Leo

Fabrizio Bicio Leo presents “Licksology 2”,
exclusively his second didactic video lesson (Rock and virtuoso guitarist)

Fractal AXE-FX II, AXE-FX III and AX8 packs
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Insta Guitar Acoustic

12 Modern acoustic guitar arpeggios

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Inspired by the sounds of the 80’s and 90’s (YES, GENESIS and PINK FLOYD) super effect with very enveloping environments, very long reverbs and delays and a synth pitch shifter for the Lead (neck), this presets pack offers 7 scenes for 7 very special sounds.
Although very effective these sounds remain very present and well defined in the mix.

As always in the audio project no further effects have been applied besides those of Ax Fx and the master simply understood and turned up the volume.
The guitar I used is a fender Stratocaster SRV Usa, but with Custom Shop 69 ‘pickups.

This pack is made specifically for Axe FX III.
It’s not possible to use it with the previous model of the Axe Fx, but it will be possible to use it with the new Axe FX III MK II, out soon, but it may change once the firmware will be updated to a newer version.


“I was born in 1984, and really soon I was routed by my family to the music. 
When I was 16 I began taking an interest in the electric guitar, inspired by the music of Pink Floyd and by Stevie Ray Vaughan’s blues. 
In 2003 I started playing with continuity with Paolo Bianca and the “Quattroetreotto” band. 
Thanks to that, I have been able to extend my experience in studio recording and LIVE with dozens of gigs throughout Italy, winning the Band Prix of Alexandria, the Golden Disc of Livorno and finishing in second place at the Bologna Music Festival. 
In 2005 I enrolled at the Lizard Academies of Fiesole (Fi) studying under the guidance of the teacher Osvaldo Di Dio. 
Considered among the best students of the academy, I got the professional LIZARD graduation with 30 / 30 in 2009. 
In 2006 I participated as a guitarist in a broadcast on MTV “Parental Control” playing the part of co-star for the episode. 
In 2009 I recorded the lead guitars of the “RESET” Album, by Serena Antonelli and I was chosen for the relative tour in 2010. 
In 2010 I was selected by CPM (Milan) and Virgin Radio and I participate to JAM 160 tour for the 160 years of “Jack Daniels” – stage of Rimini and final leg of Milan, “Alcatraz”. 
In 2011 I recorded acoustic and electric guitars (rhythm and lead) of the single “Respiro” by Serena Antonelli, participating in arranging and composing guitar parts. 
Since October 2011, also I work with CostaLab, realizing official video-reviews for products intended for the Electric Guitar. 
In January 2015 I took part in the Classic Rock Show 2015 UK tour, a project created and produced by CMP (Brit Floyd, Deacon Blue, Paul Carrak ..) based in Liverpool (UK) playing in the most prestigious auditoriums and theaters in Britain, and in which I currently work stably.”