Bicio Leo “Kemper tones 2” KEMPER PACK

LIVEPLAYROCK is proud to release “Bicio Leo “Kemper Tones 2” KEMPER PACK “

Bicio Leo’s kemper rigs made by Bicio Leo for pop – rock and metal players!

Available for 30 days only
Perfect sounds ready to use!

Bicio Leo “Kemper Tones 2” KEMPER PACK

60 kemper rigs:
ready-to-use (as in the video)

The complete rigs sounds that Bicio Leo used in
in studio and live gigs.
Made by Bicio Leo

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Inside the kemper package you will find 60 kemper rigs:

  • contains 44 rigs M-Zero Mezzabarba amp
    and 16 rigs from others amps (Fender, Vox Friedman…)
  • clean tones
  • crunch tones
  • soft solo tones
  • main solo tones

Original sounds made by Bicio

Bicio played his guitar for Renato Zero Biagio Antonacci, Ron , Eros Ramazzotti Fiorella Mannoia, and many others artists!

Signature Rigs coming from M-Zero Mezzabarba and Fender Hot Rod amplifiers!

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Excellent ready-to-use kemper rigs

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