Bon Jovi Sambora “in the mix” KEMPER PACK

LIVEPLAYROCK is proud to release “Bon Jovi Sambora“in the mix” KEMPER PACK “

IN THE MIX” is the new series marked Liveplayrock that faithfully reproduces the specific sounds of the songs indicated.
Perfect sounds ready to use!

Bon Jovi Sambora “in the mix” KEMPER PACK

34 kemper rigs:
10 kemper rig ready-to-use (as in the video) + 24 kemper rigs Marshall DSL amp

The rigs sounds that Sambora used in Bon Jovi’s songs. Perfect reproductions with the kemper package dedicated to some of Bon Jovi’s iconic pieces.

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Inside the kemper package you will find 34 kemper rigs:

  • 24 kemper rig Marshall DSL amp + 10 kemper rigs Signature Bon Jovi best songs rigs:
  • “Living on a Prayer” (1 rhythmic and 1 soloist)
  • “You give love a bad name” (1 rhythmic – 1 intro solo – 2 soloist)
  • “It’s my life” (1 rhythmic)
  • “Always” (1 first solo and 1 second solo)
  • Sambora’s rhythmic distortion guitar!
  • awesome for rock and 80‘s best rockhardrock sounds!

Signature Rigs coming from profiling Marshall amplifiers!
That sounds accompanied Richie Sambora and Bon Jovi live and studio. (based on his isolated studio guitar tracks)

Excellent ready-to-use kemper rigs, also perfect as a starting point to create your Sambora-style sound!

Add this to your kemper rigs collection:

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