“Days of quarantine” – Free TAB Backing and Rig

Hi, I’m Thomas, today I want to present you one of a series of my unpublished works.
I think it is important to be able to give voice to emotions through music!
In the long moments of quarantine due to Covid19 many things have changed in my life, and wanting to develop a better musical language is one of them!

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“Days of quarantine” – Free TAB – Backing and Rig

Writing music, being inspired, composing, recording, creating, arranging, producing, writing and making videos is not that fast and simple.

There is a lot of work behind every single music.
I am attaching all the unpublished material in free download.

If you like this work and you want to support my creativity, you can do it by donating any amount you want through this PayPal button.

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Watch the video and follow the notes played step by step with the mini tutorial at the end of the video!

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