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IR Cabs Fabrizio Bicio Leo signature Bundle

IR Cabs Fabrizio Bicio Leo signature Bundle

Special bundle of all the impulses (IR) created by guitarist Fabrizio Bicio Leo.

Impulses ready to be loaded into digital modelers or outboard IR loader such as:
Kemper Amp, Line 6 (Helix, Hx stomp, PodGo, Hx Effect, etc…) Headrush (Pedalboard, Gigboard, Mx5 etc…) Mooer (GE 300 250 200 150 etc…) Fractal Audio System (Axe Fx III, FM3, FM 9 etc….)Two Notes,  Ampero, Nux, any software and hardware that can import external IRs etc….



  • Tot. 198 IRs from best speakers (9 packs)
  • V30 (22 IRs)
  • G12T-75 (22 IRs)
  • Silver Alnico (22 IRs)
  • G12H30 70th Anniversary (22 IRs)
  • G12M-65 Creamback (22 IRs)
  • G12M-25 Greenback (22 IRs)
  • G12 Blue Alnico (22 IRs)
  • Black Shadow Electro-Voice (22 IRs)
  • Custom Eminence Legend (22 IRs)

All the IRs were recorded and produced by Fabrizio Bicio Leo in his recording studio.
Many thanks to musicians and collaborators for contributing to the realization of the various IR packages!

Impulse Responses “IRs Packs” are professionally recorded guitar speakers made digital.
Impulse Responses are provided in .wav format

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