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Andy’s Footsteps AXE FX III

Andy’s Footsteps AXE FX III

Video Demo:

“Andy’s Footsteps” by Edoardo Scordo

This preset is made specifically for Axe FX III.
It’s not possible to use it with the previous model of the Axe Fx, but it will be possible to use it with the new Axe FX III MK II, out soon, but it may change once the firmware will be updated to a newer version.
Edoardo says:
“On my unit I have installed the firmware Ares 14.00 right before recording this demo.
The Preset has 3 scenes, Clean, Crunch and Lead.
The guitar I’ve used is a Fender Stratocaster, Mexican, with single coil Seymour Duncan pickups.”

– No EQ, No compression and NO other FX added to the sound in post production.

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