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Bicio Leo Axe-Fx III pack

Bicio Leo Axe-Fx III pack

video demo:

Fabrizio Bicio Leo Axe-Fx3 and FM3 FM9 pack

Fabrizio Bicio Leo Axe-Fx3 (and FM3 FM9) pack
Inside the pack you will find awesome Fabrizio Leo’s guitar tones:

  • 6 power crunch
  • 3 clean ambient
  • 2 clean
  • 3 crunch
  • 2 soft solo
  • 3 solo
  • 3 solo harmonizer
  • 2 virtual capo (-4 and -6)
  • 1 clean crystal ambient

Inside there are 2 “Bicio cab IR” (Left and Right)
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