Bon Jovi Sambora in the mix kemper pack

34 kemper rigs:
10 kemper rigs “in the mix” + 24 kemper rigs Marshall DSL amp profiling

  • Signature Bon Jovi songs rigs:
  • “Living on a Prayer” (1 rhythmic and 1 soloist)
  • “You give love a bad name” (1 rhythmic – 1 intro solo – 2 soloist)
  • “It’s my life” (1 rhythmic)
  • “Always” (1 first solo and 1 second solo)
  • Sambora’s rhythmic distortion guitar!

Rigs coming from the profiling of various Marshall amplifiers! That sounds accompanied Richie Sambora and Bon Jovi live and studio

+ MARSHALL DSL 100w amp sounds like:

DSL (number) dry amp sound – basic sounds
DSL (rtm) perfect for rhythm guitar  
DSL (rtm mtl) perfect for rhythm rock-metal guitar
DSL (80s rtm) perfect for 80’s rock guitar sounds
DSL (solo) perfect for lead guitar
extra: 2 DSL GARY (basic Marshall DSL Moore period)