SLASH kemper amp pack in the style of

Inside the kemper pack you will find:

  • Tot: 78 kemper rigs
  • 24 signature rigs “in the style of”:
  • Welcome to the Jungle (Guns N Roses)
  • Don’t Cry (Guns N Roses)
  • Paradise City (Guns N Roses)
  • Sweet child o’ mine (Guns N Roses)
  • Nightrain (Guns N Roses)
  • Knocking On Heaven’s Door (Guns N Roses)
  • Godfather solo (Guns N Roses)
  • Beautiful Stranger (Slash)
  • Anastasia (Slash)
  • 8 special kemper rigs Guns N’ Roses signature Live Ritz 1988
  • 12 rigs Slash’s dist and solo basic tones
  • Special “bundle Marshall kemper amp profiling”with:
  • 10 Marshall Jubilee amp profiles (basic Slash amp tones)
  • 10 Marshall AFD amp profiles (basic Slash amp tones)
  • Marshall JCM 800 amp profiles (basic Slash amp tones)
  • Marshall mini Jubilee amp profiles (basic Slash amp tones)



Marshall JCM800 profiling pack

Info kemper amp pack:

  • Tot: 30 kemper amp profiling Jcm 800
  • clean tones – crunch tones – distorted tones – boosted tones
  • Presets profiled and optimized for single coil guitars (S) and humbucker guitars (H)
  • Amp: Marshall® Jcm800 Lead series
  • 10 profiling with Cabinet: 412 Marshall® 1960 with Celestion® V30
  • 10 profiling with speaker Celestion® G12H (IR preset included)
  • 10 profiling with speaker Celestion® G12T-75 (IR preset included)