Inside the EUROPE kemper pack, you will find:

  • Tot: 43 kemper rigs
  • 15 Signature songs rigs: The Final Countdown, Superstitious,Rock the night, Carrie, Prisoners in Paradise, Open your heart, I’ll cry for you
  • 10 rigs from new Marshall JCM 800 rigs
  • 5 rigs Europe distortion (in the style of)
  • 6 rigs Europe distortion with effects (in the style of)
  • 5 rigs Europe lead sound (in the style of)
  • 2 rigs Kee Marcello solo 80’s (in the style of)

All Marshall amps are profiled with Marshall cabinet 4×12 with V30 celestion speakers and recorded with Shure SM57 (in axis)