Amp: Bogner Shiva amp profile



  • 1 kemper rig,
  • kemper rig profiled and optimized for single coil guitars and humbucker guitars,
  • Amp: Bogner® Shiva,
  • Cabinet: 212 Mesa Boogie® Recto with V30 celestion,
  • Mic: SM57 Shure® .

Use the various combinations of stomps as in the demo video, activate the DIST stomp for a rock, full and lead sound. Activate the chorus stomp (to be exact it’s a detune) and give a more stereo impact to your sound.


Tips for use:

  • Tone 1: Activate EQ DELAY and REV for a rhythmic sound (also great for arpeggios),
  • Tone 2: Activate DIST and REV for a more aggressive sound (great for power, riffs and more),
  • Tone 3: Activate COMP EQ CHORUS DELAY and REV for a very 80s sound (also great for arpeggios),
  • Tone 4: Activates DIST EQ DELAY and REV for a solo sound.


If you like, write in the comments of the YouTube video which is your favorite setting!