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Free rig 2022 KEMPER

Free rig 2022 KEMPER

Hi I’m Thomas from Liveplayrock!
If you want to download a free Kemper tone with a thousand potential, you are in the right place!
Why did I create this preset? I have always been a lover of sound construction processes. Building an effective signal chain has always been my personal solid point to reach and aim for.
Starting from a profiling of the clean channel of a Skill 30w Mezzabarba amplifier, I wanted to create as much tones as possible (and useful) using the stomps available in the Kemper Amp chain.

Discover with the video (with English subtitles) the passages I created and why I put them in that position, the choices etc …..

I hope I’ve given you some interesting inputs you can work on.
If you like it, I wait for your tags on social networks to hear how it will sound to each of you!

Enjoy music

“we inspire your next guitar tone” 

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