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IR ACOUSTIC Taylor 814 ce DLX

IR ACOUSTIC Taylor 814 ce DLX

Acoustic IR Impulse response
from Taylor 814 ce DLX V (ES2) 



  • Tot. 18 IRs  
  • from: Taylor 814 ce DLX V Acoustic guitar
  • with: ES2 mic
  • File Formats .wav
  • included following sample rates: 48 kHz 
  • Bit Depth: 24 bit

Impulses ready to be loaded into digital modelers or outboard IR loader such as:

  • Kemper Amp,
  • Line 6 (Helix, Hx stomp, PodGo, Hx Effect, etc…)
  • Headrush (Pedalboard, Gigboard, Mx5)
  • Mooer (GE 300 250 200 etc…)
  • Fractal Audio System (Axe Fx III, FM3, FM 9 etc….)
  • Two Notes,
  • Ampero (Hotone etc)
  • Nux,
  • Boss,
  • and any software and hardware devices that can import external IRs 

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