IRs pack “The basic rock tones”


  • Speaker: Vintage 30 Celestion
  • Cab: Laney 212 closed
  • Mic: SM57
  • Each Impulse Response has been made available at sample rate 44.1kHz
  • .wav format
  • IRs optimized for Line6 devices
  • Tot. 10 IRs + 4 free Helix Hxstomp presets
  • IR V30 position 1 brilliant, with the right presence, well defined!
  • IR V30 position 2 Darker sound, with a more nasal tone, very interesting and versatile!
  • IR V30 position 3 sound with a dark timbre, microphone slightly moved back by about 1cm compared to the previous one. Maintains the characteristics of the IR position 2
  • IR V30 position 4 strong attack, present and versatile sound!
  • IR V30 position 5 keeps the sound alive, lively and bright, with just the right dark character!
  • IR V30 position 6 more pronounced mid range
  • IR V30 position 7 more pronounced bass mid range
  • IR V30 position 8 more pronounced bass range
  • IR V30 position 9 more pronounced mid range variation
  • IR V30 position 10 more pronounced bass
  • +4 free HxStomp-Helix Guitar presets (used in demo video)
  • DROP METAL (basic tone for modern rock – metal)
  • CLEAN POP (basic tone for pop and rock)
  • CLASSIC ROCK (basic tone for classic rock)
  • ROCK CLEAN (basic tone for rock pop and metal, dirty clean)