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Dream Theater Petrucci KEMPER AMPS

Dream Theater Petrucci KEMPER AMPS

John Petrucci and Dream Theater | Kemper Amps | Liveplayrock
“in the style of”
Kemper pack by Alessandro Zilio

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The pack contains a selection of sounds inspired by the iconic John Petrucci, from clean to lead and aggressive rhythm tones, if your goal is to find the most similar guitar sounds and play his songs then you’re probably in the right place.



  • Tot 21 kemper rigs
  • In the pack you’ll find 10 profiles that are meant to be played over a track so that they already sit in the mix and the only thing you have to worry about is to play:
  • JP – Acoustic
  • JP – Clean
  • JP – Clean CH
  • JP – Clean Phaser
  • JP – Rhythm
  • JP – Rhythm 2
  • JP – Heavy Rhythm
  • JP – Dynamic Lead
  • JP – Lead
  • JP – Lead 2
  • You’ll also find 5 separate profiles that you can play with, they’ll give you the real low end and punch of an amp but still being extremely versatile:
  • JP – Rhythm ALONE
  • JP – Rhythm 2 ALONE
  • JP – Heavy Rhythm ALONE
  • JP – Lead ALONE
  • JP – Lead 2 ALONE
  • + 6 Kemper Amp profiling: Mesa Boogie® JP2C amp signature John Petrucci
  • Clean channel 1 profiling
  • Clean channel 1 with efx in JP style
  • Crunch channel 2 profiling
  • Crunch channel 2 with efx in JP style (awesome rock rhythm)
  • Lead channel 3 profiling (main lead tone)
  • Lead channel 3 profiling with efx in JP style (main lead tone)
  • Info PDF presets and general infos inside the pack
  • Pack compatible with all Kemper amp devices: Kemper amp rack – head – stage
  • It is recommended to use the RM editor to import files.
  • Always keep your device updated to the latest version available online!

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