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Petrucci AXE-FX II AX8

Petrucci AXE-FX II AX8

John Petrucci “TERMINAL VELOCITY” style tones

Compatibility: Pack for AXE FX 2 – and AX8 devices

Video and presets by Stefano Zamburlini:

John Petrucci “TERMINAL VELOCITY” Pack for AXE FX 2 – and AX8 devices

This package is inspirated by the latest John Petrucci’s solo album “Terminal Velocity“.

Here you can find 4 presets to jam along the album and create your own cover:

  • –  Terminal Velocity JP2C+ Lead
    This is the main lead preset, the tone in this album is very “dark” but
    still tight and clear, if it’s too dark for your playing or on your setup just go on AMP -> Preamp -> High cut freq and increase that value on your tastes.
  • –  SCENE 1/2 only.
  • –  Terminal Velocity JP2C+ Rhythm
    This is the Rhythm preset, it’s less darker than the Lead preset, i used it both for Temple Of Circadia 7 string riffs and Terminal Velocity 6 string riffs.
  • –  SCENE 1/2 only.
  • –  Terminal Velocity Low Gain LEAD
    This is a Low Gain LEAD preset based on the “LEAD” preset ,i just decreased the amount of gain to get a smoother sound to use in some parts of the album like in Gemini (1:46) or in Out Of The Blue (0:58).
  • –  SCENE 1/2 only.
  • –  Out Of The Blue Clean
  • –  This is a smooth/crispy clean, it plays very well in the neck pickup position.
  • –  SCENE 1 only.
  • Pack made at the end of 2020.
    Make sure your firmware is compatible.
  • Compatibility: Pack for AXE FX 2 – and AX8 devices

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