Bryan Adams kemper pack “in the style of”

Info point:

  • Tot 40 kemper rigs
  • songs signature:
  • Summer of ’69
  • Run to you
  • Heaven
  • Here i am (live PBS)
  • Thought I’d Died And Gone To Heaven
  • It’s only love
  • + 10 free new Vox Ac30 profiling amp


Acoustic kemper pack 2021 Liveplayrock

After months of tuning and testing, Liveplayrock gave the green light to the first kemper pack for all acoustic guitarists.

The pack contains kemper tones for the 3 main techniques: strummingarpeggiosolo part (designed for both those who use the pick and fingers)

Info point:

  • Tot 30 kemper rigs for Acoustic Guitar
  • ready-to-use sounds, both in the studio and live with your band
  • Strumming tones
  • Arpeggio tones
  • 70s – 80s tones
  • Ambient tones
  • Lead tones
  • Basic tones
  • Effects tones
  • +2 special rigs for 80’s lover: Rockman X100 acoustic and arpeggio
  • where active the preamp is a Roland AC60 (you can also deactivate it with a click to use your own)
  • Since every guitarist has his own acoustic guitar with internal preamp, on some profiles I prefer to put only Eq or effects, in order to take advantage of your preamp (especially if you like yours, why alter it?)
  • all the information on how to use the various sounds (use of the pick or fingers, type of technique, technical specifications) are present in the information manual inside the pack)