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Rock 90s AMPLITUBE 4

Rock 90s AMPLITUBE 4

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“Rock 90s” | Pack compatible with Amplitube 4 | 18 presets for guitar

Info point:

  • Tot. 18 guitar presets “rock 90’s” style
  • 6 clean tones
  • 6 crunch tones
  • 6 rock solo tones
  • Pack compatible with Amplitube 4 


This Amplitube4 pack was born with the intention of giving the guitarist a better starting point to build his own sound through the software!
All the Amplitube4 sounds present in the pack were created according to the artistic talent of the guitarist (Massimo Nuti).
The Amplitube4 version was used with all IkMultimedia full extensions (if you have the basic version, some sounds may not load correctly).


Each guitarist must find his inner voice, we want to share ours!
Try to think that you have a real amp in front of you … you would never use its basic settings … you would go in search of your sound …

We want to inspire the search for your sound!

Feel free to tweak these Guitar tones to fit what you want to hear just as you would a traditional amp!


20 Killer Licks guitar
20 Killer Licks guitar

If you love rock these are the musical phrasings for you!

Licksology – Fabrizio Bicio Leo
"Licksology 2" - Fabrizio Leo

Fabrizio Bicio Leo presents “Licksology 2”,
exclusively his second didactic video lesson (Rock and virtuoso guitarist)

Fractal AXE-FX II, AXE-FX III and AX8 packs
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Insta Guitar Acoustic

12 Modern acoustic guitar arpeggios

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You are purchasing a license to use these profiles for your own personal and/or professional use. 

These Guitar tones are not for resale or any unlicensed distribution, free or compensated.

The Guitar tones (Profiles, presets, patch, tones etc) simply try to re-create the sound of the amplifiers and any use of the brand names is strictly for comparison and descriptive purposes!

(In the case of the kemper, we directly profile the amplifiers at our recording studios we work with!).

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