Licksology 3 Fabrizio Bicio Leo

“Licksology III” by Fabrizio Leo Third exclusive video lesson Liveplayrock Digital Production 2021 Terms and condition     High quality Download with WeTransfer Pro Link verified. OS X Yosemite (or upper versions) OS Windows 10 Make sure you have an updated program for unpacking files.

The Echoes Park AXE FX

“The Echoes Park” by Edo Scordo FRACTAL AXE FX III presets   Inspired by the sounds of the 80’s and 90’s (YES, GENESIS and PINK FLOYD) super effect with very enveloping environments, very long reverbs and delays and a synth pitch shifter for the Lead (neck), this presets pack offers 7 scenes for 7 very …

evh 5150 amp

EVH 5150 III amp profiling | KEMPER AMP PACK    INFO POINT: Tot. 40 kemper rigs: 10 rigs clean tones 10 rigs rock rhythm tones 10 rigs rock + effects tones 10 rigs rock (for riff or solo tones)