Firehouse 80s kemper pack

Firehouse 80s kemper pack  Info point: Tot 26 kemper rigs signature songs “in the style of”: All She Wrote Overnight Sensation Helpless Don’t Walk Away Oughta Be a Law Reach the Sky Sleeping With You Don’t Treat Me Bad Shake & Tumble Rock You Tonight When I Look Into Your Eyes Lover’s Lane Rock On […]

Poison kemper pack

Info point: 36 kemper rigs in the style of “Poison” band Signature tones: Nothing but a good time I want action Talk dirty to me Every rose has its thorn Fallen angel I won’t forget Your mama don’t dance Something to believe in + Peavey Triple x amp profiling + new Marshall jcm 800 amp […]

ROCK BUNDLE CRAZY 80’s rock band

4 KEMPER PACK from 80’s rock band tot: 214 kemper rigs Whitesnake 80’s historic guitar tones Def Leppard 80’s historic guitar tones Bon Jovi 80’s historic guitar tones Motley Crue 80’s historic guitar tones Amp profiling: Marshall Jcm800 – Carvin Legacy Vai – Rockman X100 – Mesa Boogie 90s – Marshall jcm2000 DSL.

Kemper PlugnPlay Pack 1: Gallien Krueger 250ML

This first pack is completely dedicated to the Gallien Krueger 250ML Amp and its vintage 80s tones. We hope you’ll have fun playing with our presets and that you’ll be able to use them creatively. For any info please contact me: thomas.bottaini@gmail.com