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British bundle 120 kemper rigs 12 Marshall amps profiling: Marshall DSL JCM2000 Marshall JCM 800 (100w) Marshall JCM 900 Marshall JTM 45 Marshall JMP 1  Marshall JVM 410 Marshall 1959SLP Marshall 1987x Marshall AFD Marshall SILVER JUBILEE Marshall YJM 100 Marshall ZAKK WYLDE 800 + 3 free IRs the Marshall brand name is used for …

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858 kemper rigs – 31 amps + IRs   Marshall Plexi 1959 Marshall Jcm 2000 DSL (include new 2021 profiling) Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (include +10 new 2021 profiling + IR) Mesa Boogie Roadster Mesa Boogie Lonestar Mesa Boogie preamp Quad Mesa Boogie Mark V (+ free new profiling amp 2021) Randall RM 100 Orange TH …


32 CLEAN SOUNDS Kemper rigs from the best amps live and studio! Amazing plug and play sounds! SUPPORT: thomas.bottaini@gmail.com

All gain

ALL GAIN PACK 32 kemper rigs about best distortion amp live and studio! info and support: thomas.bottaini@gmail.com You will receive an email with a direct LINK to download! BUILD YOUR WALL OF GAIN !!