Kemper rock bundle pack

100 guitar tones, 10 kemper pack in one!   INFO POINT: Hughes & Kettner Triamp 10 rigs Bogner Shiva 10 rigs Friedman BE100 10 rigs Mesa Boogie Roadster 10 rigs Randall RM100 10 rigs Vox AC30 new 10 rigs Orange TH30 10 rigs Diezel Vh4 10 rigs Blackstar HT1 10 rigs Engl Poweball2 10 rigs

All Marshall amps

British bundle 120 kemper rigs 12 Marshall amps profiling: Marshall DSL JCM2000 Marshall JCM 800 (100w) Marshall JCM 900 Marshall JTM 45 Marshall JMP 1  Marshall JVM 410 Marshall 1959SLP Marshall 1987x Marshall AFD Marshall SILVER JUBILEE Marshall YJM 100 Marshall ZAKK WYLDE 800 the Marshall brand name is used for information only. Given the […]

secret Link amps

753 kemper rigs – 30 amps   Marshall Plexi 1959 Marshall Jcm 2000 DSL (+ free new profiling amp 2021) Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Mesa Boogie Roadster Mesa Boogie Lonestar Mesa Boogie preamp Quad Mesa Boogie Mark V (+ free new profiling amp 2021) Randall RM 100 Orange TH 30 H&K Triamp (new entry) Friedman […]