Airbourne kemper pack

Airboune kemper amp pack “in the style of” Info kemper rigs: Tot: 18 kemper rigs Signature guitar tones: Too much too young too fast Live it up Runnin’ wild Its all for rock n roll back in the game 3 general tones: (crunch rhythm + 1 lead) perfect for Humb pu guitars style like Gibson […]


VIRTUOSO BUNDLE: Joe Satriani + Steve Vai + Y.J.Malmsteen + Paul Gilbert + Jason Becker + Nuno Bettencourt + Guthrie Govan 228 kemper rigs signature songs of the historic virtuoso guitar tones Joe Satriani 34 rigs Steve Vai 20 rigs Y.J. Malmsteen 40 rigs Jason Becker 26 rigs Paul Gilbert (from Mr.Big) 20 rigs Nuno Bettencourt (from Extreme) 32 rigs  Guthrie […]