Reverb Street AXE FX3 pack 

Reverb Street AXE FX3 pack  Guitar patch by Edo Scordo   Info point: Reverb Street is a presets bundle inspired by the amazing and iconic tone of Joe Satriani. Deep and cristalline clean sounds, tremolo, whammy automations, and 2 different gain for very sharp but warm lead tones. Firmwire 15.01  

Bicio Leo Axe-Fx III pack

Fabrizio Bicio Leo Axe-Fx III and FM III pack Inside the pack you will find awesome Fabrizio Leo’s guitar tones: 6 power crunch 3 clean ambient 2 clean 3 crunch 2 soft solo 3 solo 3 solo harmonizer 2 virtual capo (-4 and -6) 1 clean crystal ambient Inside there are 2 Bicio cab IR […]

The Echoes Park AXE FX

“The Echoes Park” by Edo Scordo FRACTAL AXE FX III presets   Inspired by the sounds of the 80’s and 90’s (YES, GENESIS and PINK FLOYD) super effect with very enveloping environments, very long reverbs and delays and a synth pitch shifter for the Lead (neck), this presets pack offers 7 scenes for 7 very […]

Andy’s Footsteps

“Andy’s Footsteps” by Edoardo Scordo FREE PRESET Axe Fx 3 – Fractal Audio System