TNT special 80ʼs kemper pack 2021

INFO POINT: TNT (special 80ʼs) kemper pack 2021 Tot 27 kemper rigs: Inside you will find: 17 kemper rigs signature songs songs: 10000 lovers (studio and live version Japan) Intuition Caught Between The Tigers Take Me Down (Fallen Angel) Tonight I’m Falling Everyoneʼs A Star As Far As The Eye Can See   10 kemper […]

Airbourne kemper pack

Airboune kemper amp pack “in the style of” Info kemper rigs: Tot: 18 kemper rigs Signature guitar tones: Too much too young too fast Live it up Runnin’ wild Its all for rock n roll back in the game 3 general tones: (crunch rhythm + 1 lead) perfect for Humb pu guitars style like Gibson […]

ONE OK ROCK kemper pack

ONE OK ROCK kemper pack “in the style of” Info kemper pack: Tot: 24 kemper rigs 4 best songs “in the style”: “The Beginning” from “EYE OF THE STORM” JAPAN TOUR (2 rigs) “Wasted nights”  from “EYE OF THE STORM” JAPAN TOUR (4 rigs) “Clock strikes” from 35xxxv Japan Tour 2015 (8 rigs) “Cry out” […]

Poison kemper pack

Info point: 36 kemper rigs in the style of “Poison” band Signature tones: Nothing but a good time I want action Talk dirty to me Every rose has its thorn Fallen angel I won’t forget Your mama don’t dance Something to believe in + Peavey Triple x amp profiling + new Marshall jcm 800 amp […]