Pop Recording Kemper Amp pack

Pop Recording | Guitar pack Kemper amp pack INFO POINT: Tot. 12 kemper rigs + 2 Performances + 5 IRs 10 gorgeous rigs for pop-oriented electric guitar, 2 rigs for acoustic guitar, Inside you will also find 2 performances, (Performance designed for a classic pop song context. 1 Performance optimized for stratocaster type guitars and 1 …

Useful Tones for KEMPER AMP 

“Useful Tones” for KEMPER AMP  A great kemper pack with amazing ready to play tones! Kemper rigs optimized for the following pickups: humbucker, mini humbucker and single coil. From pop to rock and metal! INFO POINT: Tot. 14 kemper rigs + 3 IRs “Clean” (awesome clean tone, suitable for any musical genre for rhythm and …


McRocklin-inspired kemper rig, based on some clean sounds from the Instagram profile of the most popular modern artist on social media!