Nirvana kemper pack

INFO POINT:  Nirvana kemper pack: 28 kemper rig Tot: 28 kemper rigs Smells like teen spirit In bloom All apologies Come as you are Lithium Heart shaped box Some songs, like Lithium, like as you are and all apologies have different tunings. In the pack you will find the sounds to play the songs with […]

Alice Cooper kemper pack

Alice Cooper kemper pack “in the style of” “HALLOWEEN” SPECIAL EDITION  Inside the pack you will find 11 kemper rig taken from: Poison Hey stupid House of fire Feed my Frankenstein

The Echoes Park AXE FX

“The Echoes Park” by Edo Scordo FRACTAL AXE FX III presets   Inspired by the sounds of the 80’s and 90’s (YES, GENESIS and PINK FLOYD) super effect with very enveloping environments, very long reverbs and delays and a synth pitch shifter for the Lead (neck), this presets pack offers 7 scenes for 7 very […]

Free preamp rack kemper rig

Liveplayrock is proud to present a special “LEAD TONES from 9 PREAMPS RACK” kemper pack! Download now a fREE RIG MESA BOOGIE STUDIO PREAMP LEAD