DSL Jcm2000 kemper

DSL Jcm200 kemper amp pack  New profiling 2021 kemper amp pack about Jcm2000 DSL Marshall profiling 100w Tot: 27 kemper rigs 21 Kemper rigs DSL + cab Marshall 1960A 3 Kemper rigs DSL + cab Marshall 1960B 3 Kemper rigs DSL + cab Laney 212 GS212IE clean – crunch – distortion – effects tones Profiling […]

New DSL Jcm 2000 kemper profiling

INFO POINT: Kemper Amp Pack: DSL Jcm2000 amp (Marshall) profiling 2021 Tot 17 kemper rigs: 8 kemper rigs designed for Humbucker pu 9 kemper rigs designed for Single Coil pu Amp profiling: DSL Jcm2000 amp Cabinet: Marshall 4×12 1960a Mic: SM57 (center and offset) Tones: clean – crunch – distortion – lead – effect

MSL DSL amp sounds like

MARSHALL DSL 100w amp sounds like Inside you will find 24 kemper rigs: DSL (number) dry amp sound – basic sounds DSL (rtm) perfect for rhythm guitar   DSL (rtm mtl) perfect for rhythm rock-metal guitar DSL (80s rtm) perfect for 80’s rock guitar sounds DSL (solo) perfect for lead guitar extra: 2 DSL GARY […]

Gary Moore kemper pack upgrade

GARY MOORE KEMPER PACK Artist pack dedicated to Gary Moore 60 kemper rigs from 3 historical amps that accompanied the blues rock guitarist Gary Moore live and in the studio. -(DSL) DSL100 JCM2000 MARSHALL amp -(MSL) MARSHALL JTM45 amp -(SLD) SOLDANO SLO 100  Signature songs rigs: Out in the fields – The Loner – Still […]