Screamer 50 kemper amp pack

“Screamer 50” Kemper amp pack 2021 INFO POINT: Tot. 44 kemper rigs + 4 IRs clean tones crunch/rhythm tones (yellow channel)   distortion/lead tones (red channel) boosted tones (red + yellow channels)  7 simple amp profiling channels 11 special signature Liveplayrock tones from the last video demo 4 IRs (2 V30 + 2 Black Shadow) …

Free Judas Pries ENGL

Download a sample free kemper rig from the Judas PACK: It’s an ENGL Powerball amp used by Judas’s guitarist during various live concerts.

ENGL powerball 2 kemper pack

Info kemper amp pack: Tot: 16 kemper amp profiling Engl Powerball 2 4 clean tones – 3 clean crunch tones – 2 crunch tones – 4 rock tones – 3 lead tones kemper rigs profiled and optimized for single coil guitars and humbucker guitars Amp: Engl® Powerball 2 Cabinet: 412 Marshall® 1960 with V30 celestion Mic: SM57 …