jcm 800 kemper amp pack

Jcm 800 | kemper amp pack profiling | 2021 10 kemper rigs   Info kemper amp pack: Tot: 10 kemper amp profiling Jcm800 3 clean tones – 3 crunch tones – 4 distorted tones kemper rigs profiled and optimized for single coil guitars (S) and humbucker guitars (H) Amp: Marshall® Jcm800 Lead series Cabinet: 412 […]

Metallica kemper amp pack vol 1

Metallica | Kemper amp pack vol.1 “in the style of” First pack dedicated to the sound of Metallica. In this first pack you can find the following sounds:   INFO POINT: Tot. 34 kemper rigs Special signature “in the style of”: One Enter Sandman Nothing else matters The Unforgiven +7 General rig tones (clean and […]

ONE OK ROCK kemper pack

ONE OK ROCK kemper pack “in the style of” Info kemper pack: Tot: 24 kemper rigs 4 best songs “in the style”: “The Beginning” from “EYE OF THE STORM” JAPAN TOUR (2 rigs) “Wasted nights”  from “EYE OF THE STORM” JAPAN TOUR (4 rigs) “Clock strikes” from 35xxxv Japan Tour 2015 (8 rigs) “Cry out” […]

Free Marshall JMP 1

Free Marshall JMP 1 Taste the power of the kemper rig ! Complete Marshall bundle amps here: https://www.liveplayrock.com/all-marshall-amps-bundle/