Gary Moore kemper pack upgrade

GARY MOORE KEMPER PACK Artist pack dedicated to Gary Moore 60 kemper rigs from 3 historical amps that accompanied the blues rock guitarist Gary Moore live and in the studio. -(DSL) DSL100 JCM2000 MARSHALL amp -(MSL) MARSHALL JTM45 amp (including new amp profiling 2021) -(SLD) SOLDANO SLO 100 (including new amp profiling 2021) Signature songs …

Iron Maiden pack

Artist pack dedicated to Iron Maiden 20 kemper rigs ready to Rock! Info kemper rigs: GK IRON 1980 – song IRON MAIDEN GK Alexander – song ALEXANDER THE GREAT GK IRON STRANGE – song STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND GK Moonchild intro – song MOONCHILD GK Moonchild lead – song MOONCHILD GK Somewhere – album SOMEWHERE …

BGN Ecstacy 101 b KEMPER PACK

Bogner Ecstacy 101b sounds like” KEMPER PACK 17 kemper rig from profiling Bogner Ecstacy 101b amp. That sounds accompanied guitarist live and studio like Steve Lukather from Toto and many others!.