Screamer 50 kemper amp pack

“Screamer 50” Kemper amp pack 2021 Info point: Tot. 26 kemper rigs profiling clean tones – crunch tones – distortion tones – boosted tones Kempre rigs were used in the video: arp X – cln – rtm X – rtm L – rtm R – dist+1

Phil X kemper pack

Tot: 34 kemper rigs FRIEDMAN PHIL X AMP 14 Phil X rigs tones (in style of) 10 Friedman Phil X amp studio (from 1 to 10 gain) with cabinet Marshall 1960AX 10 Friedman Phil X amp studio (from 1 to 10 gain) with cab speaker simulator Two Notes Torpedo

Iron Maiden pack

Artist pack dedicated to Iron Maiden 20 kemper rigs ready to Rock! Info kemper rigs: GK IRON 1980 – song IRON MAIDEN GK Alexander – song ALEXANDER THE GREAT GK IRON STRANGE – song STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND GK Moonchild intro – song MOONCHILD GK Moonchild lead – song MOONCHILD GK Somewhere – album SOMEWHERE […]


40 kemper rigs Profiling amp: Msa Boogie QUAD PREAMP Fantastic preamp for rock and metal tones!


Amp profiling: MEZZABARBA TRINITY 40 kemper rigs pack Best italian custom amp


MSB MARK 5 Kemper profiling amp: MESA BOOGIE MARK 5 40 kemper rigs INFO AND SUPPORT thomas.bottaini@gmail.com