Nirvana kemper pack

INFO POINT:  Nirvana kemper pack: 28 kemper rig Tot: 28 kemper rigs Smells like teen spirit In bloom All apologies Come as you are Lithium Heart shaped box Some songs, like Lithium, like as you are and all apologies have different tunings. In the pack you will find the sounds to play the songs with […]

Poison kemper pack

Info point: 36 kemper rigs in the style of “Poison” band Signature tones: Nothing but a good time I want action Talk dirty to me Every rose has its thorn Fallen angel I won’t forget Your mama don’t dance Something to believe in + Peavey Triple x amp profiling + new Marshall jcm 800 amp […]

Marco Sfogli kemper pack

Liveplayrock proudly presents the kemper package created by Marco sfogli. Inside you will find the most famous sounds of Marco Sfogli used to play his greatest hits from the solo repertoire such as “Still hurts”, “Andromeda”, “The 12th hour”, etc … Amp profiled: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Triaxis preamp, Studio preamp,  Victory The Kraken, Zoom […]