jcm 800 kemper amp pack

Jcm 800 | kemper amp pack profiling | 2021 10 kemper rigs   Info kemper amp pack: Tot: 10 kemper amp profiling Jcm800 3 clean tones – 3 crunch tones – 4 distorted tones kemper rigs profiled and optimized for single coil guitars (S) and humbucker guitars (H) Amp: Marshall® Jcm800 Lead series Cabinet: 412 […]

Firehouse 80s kemper pack

Firehouse 80s kemper pack  Info point: Tot 26 kemper rigs signature songs “in the style of”: All She Wrote Overnight Sensation Helpless Don’t Walk Away Oughta Be a Law Reach the Sky Sleeping With You Don’t Treat Me Bad Shake & Tumble Rock You Tonight When I Look Into Your Eyes Lover’s Lane Rock On […]

Bryan Adams kemper pack

Bryan Adams kemper pack “in the style of”   Info point: Tot 40 kemper rigs songs signature: Summer of ’69 Run to you Heaven Here i am (live PBS) Thought I’d Died And Gone To Heaven It’s only love + 10 free new Vox Ac30 profiling amp Use of pickups, guitar and extra info in […]

orange amps kemper pack

Today I want to introduce you to kemper profiling made for an exceptional amplifier brand: ORANGE AMP! Info point – I profiled the Tot. 33 kemper rigs Orange AD30 (5 profiles – cabinet PPC 4×12 Orange sm57 center) Rockerverb (9 profiles – cabinet PPC 4×12 Orange sm57 center) TH30 (6 profiles – cabinet PPC 4×12 […]

Bruno Mars kemper pack

Bruno Mars kemper pack Tot: 31 kemper rigs 11 signature songs: 24k Grenade Just the way you are Locked out of heaven Treasure Uptown Funk Versace on the floor 20 kemper amp profiling Bruno Mars like amp (Fender amp used in live session): 9 cleans – 5 clean with effects – 4 crunch – 2 […]

Free Marshall JMP 1

Free Marshall JMP 1 Taste the power of the kemper rig ! Complete Marshall bundle amps here: https://www.liveplayrock.com/all-marshall-amps-bundle/