ONE OK ROCK kemper pack

ONE OK ROCK kemper pack “Clock strikes”download now! こんにちは、トーマスです! ケンパーでの私の仕事が気に入ったら、私の仕事をオンラインで共有するのを手伝ってください!どうもありがとうございます!イタリアからのご挨拶!

Free Marshall JMP 1

Free Marshall JMP 1 Taste the power of the kemper rig ! Complete Marshall bundle amps here: https://www.liveplayrock.com/all-marshall-amps-bundle/

kemper ring 1 pack

Kemper ring #1 pack   2 Clean (Marshall 800 abd Friedman BE 100) 2 Crunch (Marshall 800 abd Friedman BE 100) 2 Dist (Marshall 800 abd Friedman BE 100) 2 Lead (Marshall 800 abd Friedman BE 100)

All Marshall amps

120 rigs 12 Marshall amps: Marshall DSL JCM2000 Marshall JCM 800 (100w) Marshall JCM 900 Marshall JTM 45 Marshall JMP 1  Marshall JVM 410 Marshall 1959SLP Marshall 1987x Marshall AFD Marshall SILVER JUBILEE Marshall YJM 100 Marshall ZAKK WYLDE 800

Deep Purple kemper pack

LIVE PLAY ROCK proudly presents: Deep Purple “sounds like” kemper pack! Inside the kemper amp package you will find: tot: 40 kemper rigs signature songs of the historic guitar tones Smoke on the water Burn Child in time Woman from Tokyo Strange kind of woman Highway star Black Night Hush Lazy and more kemper profile […]

MSL DSL amp sounds like

MARSHALL DSL 100w amp sounds like Inside you will find 24 kemper rigs: DSL (number) dry amp sound – basic sounds DSL (rtm) perfect for rhythm guitar   DSL (rtm mtl) perfect for rhythm rock-metal guitar DSL (80s rtm) perfect for 80’s rock guitar sounds DSL (solo) perfect for lead guitar extra: 2 DSL GARY […]