Metallica kemper amp pack vol 1

Metallica | Kemper amp pack vol.1 “in the style of” First pack dedicated to the sound of Metallica. In this first pack you can find the following sounds:   INFO POINT: Tot. 34 kemper rigs Special signature “in the style of”: One Enter Sandman Nothing else matters The Unforgiven +7 General rig tones (clean and […]

Rock Metal kemper amps pack

100 kemper rigs from 10 rock metal amplifier! Mesa Boogie Mark V (10 rigs) Revv 120 Generator (10 rigs) Laney GH100L (10 rigs) Mesa Boogie JP2C (5 rigs) Engl Fireball 100 (10 rigs) Evh III amp (10 rigs) Soldano SLO 100 (10 rigs) Mesa Boogie Studio preamp rack (10 rigs) HT50 Blackstar (5 rigs) Soldano […]

4 Legendary Metal Tones

4 Legendary Metal Tones Kirk Hammett “Metallica – Enter Sandman” Tony Iommi “Black Sabbath – Iron man” Vivian Campbell “Ronnie James Dio – Holy diver” Dave Murray “Iron Maiden – The trooper”

Diezel VH4 kemper pack

Metal tones – Diezel VH4 kemper pack Info point: Tot: 24 kemper rigs cleans – cleans with effects – distortions – solos Inside you will find infos about every rig (PDF and inside RM) inside a promo code for 40% off One of the meanest rock and metal amp-heads on the market for guitarists!ù


40 kemper rigs Profiling amp: Msa Boogie QUAD PREAMP Fantastic preamp for rock and metal tones!


Amp profiling: MEZZABARBA TRINITY 40 kemper rigs pack Best italian custom amp