jcm 800 kemper amp pack

Jcm 800 | kemper amp pack profiling | 2021 10 kemper rigs   Info kemper amp pack: Tot: 10 kemper amp profiling Jcm800 3 clean tones – 3 crunch tones – 4 distorted tones kemper rigs profiled and optimized for single coil guitars (S) and humbucker guitars (H) Amp: Marshall® Jcm800 Lead series Cabinet: 412 […]

New DSL Jcm 2000 kemper profiling

INFO POINT: Kemper Amp Pack: DSL Jcm2000 amp (Marshall) profiling 2021 Tot 17 kemper rigs: 8 kemper rigs designed for Humbucker pu 9 kemper rigs designed for Single Coil pu Amp profiling: DSL Jcm2000 amp Cabinet: Marshall 4×12 1960a Mic: SM57 (center and offset) Tones: clean – crunch – distortion – lead – effect

Queen updated May July 2020

Have you already purchased the previous pack? Purchase only new and updated sounds! +12 new sound from new upgrade (“Hammer to fall” – “Somebody to love” and Brian May rigs)


NEW KEMPER PACK In the style of “U2 THE EDGE” guitarist: 17 kemper rigs in the style of THE EDGE U2 included some signature songs: Where the streets have no name, Pride (in the name of love), Bad, Vertigo, Sunday bloody sunday, Beautiful day, and 2  The Edge basic tone (Clean and crunch rhythm)!

John Mayer kemper rigs two rocks

KEMPER PACK “John Mayer sounds like” Artist pack dedicated to John Mayer! New release: 70 kemper rigs ready to Rock! Inside the kemper amp package you will find 60 rigs:28 rigs about John Mayer’s tones (include 10 rigs from L.A live),42 rigs about Two Rock Classic Reverb Signature amp.