Rock female vol 1 kemper amp pack

“TOP FEMALE ROCK BAND” | kemper amp profiling pack 2021 Liveplayrock signature   INFO POINT:  Tot: 12 kemper rigs Signature songs: Joan Jett “I love rock and roll” (FEM 6 main distortion guitar left, FEM 7 main distortion guitar right) Hole “Celebrity skin” (FEM 1: main distortion, FEM 2 clean verse, FEM 3 2nd guitar […]


Pink Floyd pack1 | Helix – HXStomp | 2021 guitar presets “in the style of” Guitar Pack compatible with: HELIX HELIX LT HX STOMP HELIX NATIVE   INFO POINT: Tot: 6 Guitar presets + more 5 extra free guitar sounds calibrated in “mono” to be played with FRFR mono cabinets. In the first pack dedicated to […]

Ambient kemper profiles pack

“Ambient” kemper pack 2021  Alessandro Zilio signature tones in the pack you’ll find a selection of 10 ambient profiles from clean to pushed cleans – mid gain tones. These tones are a must have in your library if you’re going for those spacey, dreamy sounds to enrich your compositions, you can stack up layers of […]

Firehouse 80s kemper pack

Firehouse 80s kemper pack  Info point: Tot 26 kemper rigs signature songs “in the style of”: All She Wrote Overnight Sensation Helpless Don’t Walk Away Oughta Be a Law Reach the Sky Sleeping With You Don’t Treat Me Bad Shake & Tumble Rock You Tonight When I Look Into Your Eyes Lover’s Lane Rock On […]

Acoustic kemper pack

The pack contains kemper tones for the 3 main techniques: strumming, arpeggio, solo part (designed for both those who use the pick and fingers) Since every guitarist has his own acoustic guitar with internal preamp, on some profiles I prefer to put only Eq or effects, in order to take advantage of your preamp (especially […]

Reverb Street AXE FX3 pack 

Reverb Street AXE FX3 pack  Guitar patch by Edo Scordo   Info point: Reverb Street is a presets bundle inspired by the amazing and iconic tone of Joe Satriani. Deep and cristalline clean sounds, tremolo, whammy automations, and 2 different gain for very sharp but warm lead tones. Firmwire 15.01