MSL plexi

based on Plexi Marshall 1959 profiling. 16 kemper rig perfect for hard rock tones + IR

Bundle ROCK

“Bundle ROCK” all about BEST ROCK tones
3 amps profiling
73 kemper rigs:
“MSB” (pack5) (14 kemper rigs) about Mesa Boogie single and Dual rectifier profiling
“MSL JCM800” (42 kemper rigs) about Marshall Jcm800 profiling
“BGN” (pack4) (17 kemper rigs) about Bogner Ecstacy 101b profiling

MSL jtm45 kemper pack

Marshall JTM45 “sounds like” KEMPER PACK 12 kemper rig from profiling Marshall JTM45 amp That sounds accompanied guitarist live and studio. (ex pack 3)