Winger Kemper amp pack

WINGER | in the style of Kemper amp pack   INFO POINT: Tot. 22 kemper rigs + IR Signature songs: Seventeen Easy come easy Madalaine Headed for a heartbreak Miles away Time to surrender Hungry Can’t get enough Spell I’m under Blind revolution mad IR (Vintage 30 speaker) Info PDF presets and general infos, Pack compatible …

Pop Recording Kemper Amp pack

Pop Recording | Guitar pack Kemper amp pack INFO POINT: Tot. 12 kemper rigs + 2 Performances + 5 IRs 10 gorgeous rigs for pop-oriented electric guitar, 2 rigs for acoustic guitar, Inside you will also find 2 performances, (Performance designed for a classic pop song context. 1 Performance optimized for stratocaster type guitars and 1 …

Def Leppard helix hxstomp pack

DEF LEPPARD – Line 6 pack “in the style of” INFO POINT: Tot. 26 presets Signature songs: Pour some sugar on me Photograph Hysteria Animal Love Bites Rock of Ages Armageddon it Info PDF presets and general infos Always keep your device updated to the latest version available online!