Pack amz Fender

Pack “amz Fender “ 22 Kemepr rig “FENDER Vibro King amp” Plug and play, ready to play! INFO E SUPPORT: thomas.bottaini@gmail.com

OnStage PACK

OnStage PACK 
7 Kemper rig sound ready to play ! 
INFO AND SUPPORT: thomas.bottaini@gmail.com

Live Mix PACK

Live Mix PACK – 6 kemper rigs ready to rock!
3 clean – 3 distortion
Info and support: thomas.bottaini@gmail.com


Profiling amp: ADA MP1 preamp – Tube dist channel. 33 kemper rigs Info and support: thomas.bottaini@gmail.com

MSL jtm45 kemper pack

Marshall JTM45 “sounds like” KEMPER PACK 12 kemper rig from profiling Marshall JTM45 amp That sounds accompanied guitarist live and studio. (ex pack 3)