Limp Bizkit Kemper amp

Limp Bizkit Kemper amp pack In the style of   INFO POINT: Tot. 20 kemper rigs + 2 IRs Signature songs: My generation Rollin’ My way Take a look around (Mission Impossible theme) Boiler Behind blue eyes 4 rigs amps profiling Mesa Boogie Dual Rect 2 IRs (V30 speakers)

System of a down KEMPER PACK

System of a Down – Kemper amp pack “in the style of”   INFO POINT: Tot 24 kemper rigs + 6 IRs signature songs like: Toxicity Chop Suey! Aerials B.Y.O.B Lonely day Hypnotize Question! Acoustic and electric guitar rigs! 6 IRs (5 Celestion V30 + 1 G12H)