Guess the amp

Could you recognize the sound of an amplifier brand?This is my challenge that I launch to all users of the site or those who want to have fun downloading the free kemper rig of the amplifier and try to understand what brand of amplifier it is (and if it can, also the model)

via spartito

Acquista lo spartito in PDF di VIA tratto dal live in London di Baglioni “VIA” spartito creato da Thomas Bottaini MrT in merito al video dimostrativo presente nella pagina del sito dedicata alla chitarra ritmica!


Digital album “Artyc” (7 songs) 
+ Artyc song Backing track
+ Artyc song TAB (Guitar score PDF)

Info and support: thomas.bottaini@gmail.com

Bundle ROCK

“Bundle ROCK” all about BEST ROCK tones
3 amps profiling
73 kemper rigs:
“MSB” (pack5) (14 kemper rigs) about Mesa Boogie single and Dual rectifier profiling
“MSL JCM800” (42 kemper rigs) about Marshall Jcm800 profiling
“BGN” (pack4) (17 kemper rigs) about Bogner Ecstacy 101b profiling