“Everything Top Artists” bundle kemper amps Top artists signature!   INFO POINT: Tot. 10 kemper packs “in the style of”: Pink Floyd pack Toto Lukather pack Queen pack Guns’n’Roses Slash pack U2 The Edge pack Dream Theater Petrucci pack Van Halen pack Iron Maiden pack Grunge bands pack (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Nirvana) …

U2 THE EDGE Basic tone

DOWNLOAD FREE RIG: “U2 basic tone” “The Edge basic tone!” means that with these sounds you can have fun creating your guitarist’s rig THE EDGE, starting from his sound paste!  (No efx) Have fun creating your own sound and share it with LIVEPLAYROCK


NEW KEMPER PACK In the style of “U2 THE EDGE” guitarist: 17 kemper rigs in the style of THE EDGE U2 included some signature songs: Where the streets have no name, Pride (in the name of love), Bad, Vertigo, Sunday bloody sunday, Beautiful day, and 2  The Edge basic tone (Clean and crunch rhythm)!