IRs pack V30 Celestion

IRs pack “The basic rock tones” INFO POINT: Speaker: Vintage 30 Celestion Cab: Laney 212 closed Mic: SM57 Each Impulse Response has been made available at sample rate 44.1kHz .wav format IRs optimized for Line6 devices Tot. 10 IRs + 4 free Helix Hxstomp presets IR V30 position 1 brilliant, with the right presence, well defined! IR …

orange amps kemper pack

Today I want to introduce you to kemper profiling made for an exceptional amplifier brand: ORANGE AMP! Info point – I profiled the Tot. 33 kemper rigs Orange AD30 (5 profiles – cabinet PPC 4×12 Orange sm57 center) Rockerverb (9 profiles – cabinet PPC 4×12 Orange sm57 center) TH30 (6 profiles – cabinet PPC 4×12 …

Bundle Vintage 80s

“Bundle Vintage 80s”
3 amp profiling
73 kemper rigs:
ROCKMAN X100 (20 rigs)
ADA MP1 (33 rigs)
GK250ML (20 rigs)