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The Killers kemper

The Killers kemper

video demo!

The Killers KEMPER PACK complete pack contains:

  • Tot: 19 kemper rigs
  • “Somebody Told me” *
  • Somebody dst intro (intro part and verse part)
  • Somebody dst power (pre chorus and chorus parts)
  • Somebody dst efx ghost (verse part – ghost note x)
  • “Human”
  • clean int (intro part and verse part)
  • clean pre chords (pre chorus part)
  • dst power (chorus part)
  • rif part2 (verse part2)
  • “Mr.Brightside”
  • Mr-Bright arp intro (intro part and verse part)
  • Mr-Bright dst chorus (chorus part)
  • “My own soul’s warning”
  • My own intro
  • My own dst
  • “Shot at the Night”
  • Shot night clean int
  • Shot night chorus funk (chorus part)
  • Shot night chorus rtm (chorus part)
  • “when you were young”
  • when arp riff main
  • when arp verse
  • when dst pw L (chorus part)
  • when dst pw R (chorus part)
  • when solo

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